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Behavioural Ad Targeting

Behavioural Ad Targeting

Defying the trend, DMX is working to redefine advertising, to allow operators to complement the use of behavioural patterns across the spectrum of digital video, in a way that rides with consumers as they switch from service to service and device to device.

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As potential buyers, advertisers get access to a service-neutral platform that saves on production costs whilst targeting a wider and more relevant audience. The service is particularly beneficial to larger operators that offer a mix of Mobile, Cable and IPTV services, as well as interactive, time-shifted services; because these will supplement the behavioural learning, translating to increases in the value of their ad campaigns.

  • Precise audience targeting
  • Controllable ad effect at anytime
  • Flexible ad placement for advertisers
  • Flexible ad place settings
  • Openness
  • Enriched user experience which strengthen user loyalty
  • Revenues generating for operators and advertisers

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