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Digital TV Solutions

Digital TV Solutions

Comprehensive and tightly integrated end-to-end Digital TV solutions. Highly flexible and adaptive infrastructure allows a smooth digitalisation process and helps broadcasters to expand their business and roll out new services without hassles.

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DMX Digital TV Solution offers broadcasters a comprehensive and tightly integrated end-to-end DTV solution; from content aggregation, management and protection at the integrated headend; to user interface and content presentation at the viewer's end. The highly flexible and adaptive Stable Service Support Infrastructure allows a smooth digitisation process and allows the broadcasters to expand their business and roll out new services hassle-free.

Future-proof investment

  • DMX Digital TV Solution adapts smoothly to the changing business environment and various industry standards from Cablelab, SARFT & IPTV forum.

Cost Effective

  • DMX Digital TV Solution is equipped with a highly scalable, integrated headend platform that allows a decreasing cost per channel as the number of subscribers increases
  • Soft client-based content protection approach allows services to be rolled out economically
  • The flexible configuration allows the system’s structure to be based on a subscriber/revenue basis


Enriched Experience

  • DMX Digital TV Solution offers viewers the ultimate control over what to pay for. In addition to conventional packaged services, its pricing engine allows flexible charging models such as channel-by-channel etc
  • DMX Digital TV Solution offers viewers the greatest choice in how they view the program; be it as live broadcast, video on demand, time shifted TV, pause live TV or as a PVR program

Unparalleled Flexibility and Scalability

  • A highly flexible, scalable and integrated video headend platform. Video servers can be deployed centrally, distributed or in hybrid modes for efficient service delivery using a robust Content Delivery Networks (CDN) platform

Integrated Headend

  • An integrated, all-inclusive platform to digitise, encode and process incoming video signals

Interactive TV

  • Enables revenue-generating value-added interactive services such as quizzes, gaming, voting and advertising
  • Opportunistic data insertion to increase bandwidth efficiency

Conditional Access

  • Protects the contents delivered to subscribers
  • Multi-service conditional access system, e.g. IP data, PPV & on-demand video
  • Proven and widely adopted
  • Wide selection of STB
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