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Interactive TV Back Office

Interactive TV Back Office

Offer enhanced Digital TV services and sophisticated interactive value added services. Full-featured TV back office designed for an enhanced TV experience, delivering over multiple operating environments via cable, Internet, mobile and any other media.

BEE MediaSoft Logo Interactive TV back Office Screenshot
Interactive TV back Office Screenshot
Interactive TV back Office Screenshot

The Vision TV product suite provides a unified, end to end interactive TV back office that helps TV service operators to offer interactive TV (ITV) services over heterogeneous networks such as terrestrial, broadband, cable, and satellite infrastructures.

In compliance with Next Generation on Demand (NGOD) and Interactive Service Architecture (ISA), Vision TV offers a portable and flexible platform that supports the integration of world class third party components. The adoption of open standards – essential in a best of breed solution – means that new interactive services are integrated and delivered to the subscriber with less delay and, more importantly, operators enjoy an optimised total cost of ownership.

Interactive TV Back Office Diagram

Features of the Vision TV platform

Time to Service

The Vision TV platform allows new services or applications to be ‘plugged’ into the operator’s environment more easily.

Maximum Manageability

Through the standard service management framework, all services – whether Vision TV or a third party’s – can be easily monitored and managed.

Unified Platform

Vision TV is network agnostic, where services can be deployed over different physical networks including broadband IPTV, cable TV, satellite, terrestrial and mobile networks.

Configuration Flexibility

Modules of Vision TV can be deployed independently, with different configurations including HA/non-HA, cluster/non-cluster etc. This greatly enhances the feasibility, through adopting a ‘best of breed’ approach to services.

Scalable and Resilient

All Vision TV modules can be deployed with a high availability configuration, facilitating the delivery of a 99%+ available system.

Standards Compliant

NGOD and ISA are open development specifications. Vision TV extends horizontally to interface with third party server products for video streaming, CA (Conditional Access), DRM (Digital Rights Management), IP-QAM, QoS control and legacy billing. It extends vertically to interface with other TV application platforms.

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