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IPTV Solutions

Offers viewers ultimate control over what to pay for. IPTV supports not only conventional broadcast TV as from cable and satellite operators, but also personalized on-demand services and interactive entertainment.

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IPTV is a new breed of TV service that can help Telco operators to stay ahead of the competition and sustain their long term success. IPTV supports not only conventional broadcast television as per cable and satellite operators, but also personalized on-demand services and interactive entertainments that can drive revenue for Telco operators – such as TV on Demand (ToD), Personal Video Recording (PVR), online gaming, and online shopping (T-commerce) services. IPTV also offers consumers full control over where, when and how content can be viewed, creating a high level of service personalization and an enriched viewer experience.

Future-proof Investment

  • Responds rapidly to the evolving business environment and technology development
  • The modular-based integrated headend platform provides outstanding flexibility that allows service operators to quickly adopt new technologies and introduce new service offerings
  • The ‘best of breed’ standard solution allows the easy adoption of late-breaking technology options.

Cost Effective

  • Highly scalable and integrated headend platform that allows decreasing cost per channel as the number of subscribers increases
  • Soft-client based content protection approach allows services to be rolled-out in cost effective ways
  • The flexible configuration allows the system’s structure to be based on a subscriber/revenue basis.

ROI Aware

  • DMX IPTV Solution's unique Headline on Demand (HoD) allows operators to offer an on-demand experience to their viewers without incurring an on-demand sizing of infrastructure; rather, operators can focus their spending on revenue-generating traffic


Enriched Experience

  • Conventionally packaged services enable the ultimate control over what to pay for and flexible charging models, e.g. channel-by-channel

Multi-channel Synchronized Experience

  • Viewers’ TV experience is guaranteed on other platforms e.g. mobile phone / PC platform through synchronous management

Flexible Business Model Support

  • Supports new business model such as Content Billing, with content providers and a Prepaid payment option using Voucher Management Systems

IP Network Aware

  • Supports the IP infrastructure, including DSLAM and BRAS, to understand and manage the Quality of Services (QoS) according to the subscribers’ demand
  • Dynamically controls video traffic by analysing the real time network statistics and customer behaviour
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