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Vision TV Business Monitor

The Vision TV Business Monitor (BM) is an integrated solution designed for the management and monitoring of infrastructure interactive services and digital media. Tracking field-specific TV appliances and infrastructure that service real-time interactive applications, it provides a window into the performance of the interactive business processes and equipment of the video headend.

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TV service providers are now able to proactively manage their complex interactive services environment, from the headend equipment and transmission networks through to the actual business processes and transactions. Collected data are transformed into dashboards, helping operators to easily digest the status of servers, network, video delivery and business processes. BM equips operators with the tools and intelligence needed to make business-critical decisions and rectify problems before they impact on customer satisfaction.

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Platform Modules

Dedicated modules cater to the monitoring requirements of each area of the infrastructure. From the health of the digital TV ecosystem (TVE); to the view of the business processes with TVE and BPM; to the real-time activities and end-to-end monitoring of the video transport with the RTA and VTM modules, platform modules co-ordinate the events and alerts to the dashboard to present an all-in-one critical summary.

Business Process Monitoring (BPM)

Conducts transaction monitoring on critical business processes that are specific to interactive digital media services; such as movie access, purchase, subscriptions, video storage or streaming transactions.

TV Ecosystem Monitoring (TVE)

Proactively monitors parameters based on the type of digital media equipment. It tracks the port alarms and input/output channels in the case of edge QAMs; or the SD/HD streams, ingestion availability and disk/network usage in the case of a video server.

Video Transport Monitoring (VTM)

Proactively monitors the video transmission to help identify any problems at the headend; transmission networks such as GE network, 10GE network and HFC network (IPQAM); and provides real-time key information such as transport stream metrics: data loss, CC errors, PID bit rates or outages.

Real-Time Activities Monitoring (RTA)

Conducts proactive monitoring and provides a real-time display of key statistical and status information from devices, to network and resource utilization data, to connection and response times.

System and Network Resources Monitoring

BM is also able to monitor the status of popular network services such as Oracle, MySQL, FTP, HTTP, SSH, NTP, JBoss, DNS and so on.


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