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Mission Statement

With the rapid development of Internet and digital technologies, the boundary between traditional industries has been dissolved by the flourishing concept of 'Convergence'. With advanced IP networks, consumers can enjoy seamless, enriched video and various multimedia value added services, unified voice and data communications via Internet, fixed-line, cable TV and mobile networks.

Alongside the rapid advancement of digital technology is the dissolving boundary between communications and entertainment. Companies are not only competing within the same industry, but also across diverse realms of business. With the aid of advanced IP technologies, operators can offer bundled video, voice, broadband Internet and mobile services to capture the benefits of increased lifetime customer value and, in the long run, establish a dominant position in the high-margin market segments.

As one of the key proponents behind this phenomenal trend of services/networks convergence, DMX strives to create value for operators and enterprises with inspiring innovations and cutting edge technologies. Always with our customers' needs in mind, we deliver premier solutions and services to put you in the best position to embrace and benefit from the convergence revolution.

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