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Everest Network Management System

Everest Infrastructure Management Suite

Everest is a complete end-to-end network management system that efficiently and effectively manages heterogeneous IT environments. By proactively managing your IT infrastructure, Everest ensures your business agility, reduces operational costs, increases network resilience, and ultimately improves your ROI. Everest's enhanced features can easily scale to meet the needs of the largest enterprise and most advanced networks.

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Everest effectively monitors Networks, Applications, Servers and SLAs.  The product helps showcase network device capabilities using powerful management applications. It supports multiple operating systems, application servers and databases using protocols such as SNMP, Syslog, Netflow, Proxy Ping, WMI/PDC, et al. 

The primary benefits arising with the implementation of Everest are:

  • Business relevant views of IT infrastructure
  • Integration with other systems, products, scripts, applications and service management solutions
  • Improved communication with business line management through web-enabled reporting
  • More responsive infrastructure and rapid ability to roll out new applications 

The solution can also interoperate with existing Operation Support Systems (OSS) and Network Management Systems (NMS) by providing northbound and southbound interfaces such as CORBA and XML. 

To learn more about Everest Infrastucture Management Framework, please visit DMX India here.

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