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Data Centre Services

Companies developing their businesses globally count on their information systems to be reliable and resilient in any region, especially under the most challenging conditions. That is why KDDI delivers an optimum global network through 43 TELEHOUSE data centres in 13 countries, maintaining the safest and most secure level of performance wherever your business takes you.

The worldwide presence of TELEHOUSE data centres delivers seamless services that function 24/7.

KDDI opened two data centres serviced in South Africa: TELEHOUSE Cape Town (Dec. 2009) and TELEHOUSE Johannesburg (Mar. 2010), marking the first time a Japanese carrier has done so. KDDI’s data centre operations were also aggressively expanded to Hanoi and Shanghai in 2010.

TELEHOUSE data centres are carrier-neutral and are at the core of KDDI’s total ICT solutions. A high-speed network links the various TELEHOUSE data centres; and the co-location of many carriers, IX and ISP sites empowers customers to globally expand their businesses.

TELEHOUSE continues to make significant leaps in technology to realize more sophisticated data centre services, providing better safeguards for personal information and protection of privacy.

R&D has delivered cloud computing capability, along with advances in cost efficiency and high-speed network services between data centres. The establishment of disaster recovery support sites facilitates optimum BCP solutions.

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Over the last half a century, KDDI as a leading carrier in Asian countries has built a robust relationship with other carriers globally. KDDI is proud of its rich experiences and high performance operations.

KDDI deploys TELEHOUSE data centres worldwide as the core global ICT solution, providing high quality and highly managed operations for a range of customers.

In addition, KDDI boast a strong infrastructure focused on Asia, while providing an extensive wide-bandwidth network worldwide, optimised to customers’ needs through SJC, RJCN and Unity, etc.

Enhancing your corporate value – KDDI leading the way in Global ICT solutions.

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