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Network Services

Network Services

DMX offers reliable, world-class network services and trustworthy business support powered by the leading carrier in Asian countries: KDDI.

KDDI’s top-class network throughout Asia—along with a global system of affiliates—delivers a seamless network environment tailored to our customers’ particular businesses. From KDDI Global Powered Ethernet and KDDI Global IP-VPN to system integration and collocation, KDDI provides comprehensive support that:

  • Extends throughout Asia and within the United States and Europe
  • Reassures customers of a reliable network that withstands all serious disruptions.

network services diagram

network services diagram

Global Powered Ethernet

KDDI retains the no.1 rankings for ‘domestic utilization rate’ and ‘customer satisfaction’ in Japan, and has deployed WAN Ethernet across the planet. KDDI delivers the world’s first full-scale network-based Ethernet service with L2 switches in various countries, and multiple hubs can link with high-capacity, high-quality connections at a reasonable cost. Exceptional quality remains a decisive factor in carrier choice. Moreover, KDDI enjoys the leading market share of global Ethernet services in Japan.

Global IP-VPN

A full mesh global network can easily be built with just access from a single hub—by deploying KDDI’s Global IP-VPN to over 170 countries and regions. The security and high quality of IP network services deliver extensive scalability and flexibility, resulting in the speedy development of global networks tailored to customers’ businesses.

network services diagram

Global IP-VPN Economy

The IP-VPN service is available at a low cost by using a DSL line as an access line. Because a dedicated-MPLS network is deployed for international communication, delays and packet losses are avoided, offering higher quality services in comparison with an Internet VPN.

Throughout 120 countries worldwide, KDDI offers one-stop support for bulk procurement, operation and maintenance, including DSL line and router rental services.

network services diagram

Application Optimisation Service

KDDI installs optimisation devices in the customer's office, achieving "visibility", "optimisation" and "acceleration" of the applications used on the customer's network. By centralizing management through a central server, users can collectively optimise the traffic at all offices from their headquarters or other management office. In addition, the reporting function allows users to view quality reports for individual applications in the mesh environment connecting offices. There is also a virtual optimisation function allowing customers to ascertain application use and utilize some of the optimisation and acceleration functions - without installing any equipment - by identifying sites with no optimisation devices as virtual sites.

network services diagram

KDDI Group LogoLearn more about KDDI overseas support offices

Over the last half a century, KDDI as a leading carrier in Asian countries has built a robust relationship with other carriers globally. KDDI is proud of its rich experiences and high performance operations.

KDDI deploys TELEHOUSE data centres worldwide as the core global ICT solution, providing high quality and highly managed operations for a range of customers.

In addition, KDDI boast a strong infrastructure focused on Asia, while providing an extensive wide-bandwidth network worldwide, optimised to customers’ needs through SJC, RJCN and Unity, etc.

Enhancing your corporate value – KDDI leading the way in Global ICT solutions.

network services diagram

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