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Packet Systems offer a spectrum of advanced solutions & services including assessment, technical advice, planning & design, systems engineering & integration, project management and maintenance in the areas of Next Generation Network, Security and Operation Support Systems.

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Converged Network Infrastructure

Packet Systems assists Service Providers and New Enterprise Networks in profiting from IP and Next Generation Networks in the technology areas of Broadband Access Aggregation, Metropolitan Area Network, IP/MPLS core, Multi Service Optical Platform, IPRAN, VoIP, Wireless, Connected Real Estate/Hospitality, Unified Communications and end-to-end IPTV. Our key solution partners include: Cisco Systems, Harmonic, Secure Media, Bitband and Dasan Networks.


As potential buyers, advertisers get access to a service-neutral platform that saves on production costs whilst targeting a wider and more relevant audience. The service is particularly beneficial to larger operators that offer a mix of Mobile, Cable and IPTV services, as well as interactive, time-shifted services; because these will supplement the behavioural learning, translating to increases in the value of their ad campaigns.

Business and Operation Support Systems

Packet Systems can assist Service Providers and Enterprises in implementing B/OSS in the areas of Service Assurance (Fault Management, Performance Management, Service-Level Management, Traffic Management, Dynamic Resource and Admission Control Systems/D-RACS), Fulfilment (Inventory Management, Configuration Management, Provisioning, Service Activation) and Billing (AAA, Unified Communications Rating/Billing). Our key solution partners include: Metasolv/Oracle, CA, Brix Networks, WANDL, NetScout and Equator One.

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